About Us

Companies need to think beyond technology disruption to a new step in the evolution of how organizations conduct business and exceed customer expectations. Accion Labs is an innovation engineering firm that uses emerging technologies, a range of accelerators, and a field-tested gated innovation delivery process to create transformational software for organizations.

Our Story

      Could one  re-imagine  the  supply chain  of  Software development? We did exactly that  back in 2000, right  after Internet bubble had burst. In the first wave of e-innovation, technology firms were being built in a very long “waterfall” type model. This process took long, was error prone and was hard to control. We realized that common building blocks of Software will emerge enabling technology organizations to assemble solutions versus building everything from scratch. In 2011, we built Accion, a company that would focus on emerging technologies because we believe that innovation is key to the constant success of a firm. We envisioned a better way of building commercial products where the ‘innovators’ would use the ‘building blocks’ of software and focus on assembling solutions versus building everything from scratch.

Today, Accion is helping over 200+ clients re-imagine their business ecosystem, while making social impacts and increasing stakeholder value, engagement, and happiness.

Who We Are

     “We are thinkers”, “We are designers” and “We are builders.                   

Accion Labs specialises in the innovation of software, where we look at customer outcomes and give the best software solutions for our customer needs across different sectors.

We strongly believe that today's innovation is rooted in a deep understanding of technology levers. This is evidenced by the fact that disruptions in most industries were caused by innovations that were created by outsiders  rather than incumbents from the industry and by leveraging technology as the primary disruptive factor. A phenomenon referred to as "Inversion of Innovation''- where technology innovation steers business Innovation.

Our Beliefs

Innovation Everywhere

Innovation is not the job of a select few. It goes beyond leveraging cool and exciting technologies. Opportunity to innovate exists at every level, in every function, and at every stage.

Collaboration and Co-Creation

Whether constructing a skyscraper or launching a rocket to Mars, it is impossible to undertake either endeavor alone. Collaborative efforts nourished with open communication and individual accountability makes it an easy win.


Total Ownership Mindset

At Accion, each one of us takes complete ownership and responsibility for outcomes. Diverse ideas and viewpoints keep work engaging, interesting, and increase creativity. A culture that is inclusive by design is key to attracting the best talent. A culture that further focuses on work/life balance facilitates an inclusive work culture.

How We Work

       Over the years and through hundreds of software releases, we realized that the best way to collaborate with our clients and build innovative software is through a white-box engagement model. Our white box EDC or Extended Delivery Center model, enables Accion to become a seamless extension of our customers’ innovation design and delivery teams. In this model, we include our clients in each step of the setup, onboarding and delivery process. This transparent, collaborative and integrated model enables great employee retention, faster execution and better alignment of actions to outcomes for our customers.

Value Added Pro Staffing Services

If you need to augment your IT or Engineering organizations with qualified talent for a finite period of time or on a longer term basis, we can offer our own talent pool of 1500+ resources and can help you find highly skilled technical resources from our database of over 20000 resources. We can offer this talented pool on a contract, contact-to-hire, contract-with-option-to-hire and on a permanent basis.

To save you time and improve efficiency of the screening process, we leverage an Agile/Scrum based resource allocation model that focuses on checklist-based hiring, a highly skilled technology panel, a collection of online tools for applicant tracking, online testing, collaborative/video interviewing, and offline test taking. In addition, we use a strong post-selection on-boarding process for induction of new resources into Accion culture and client organization/projects. We take care of all travel & relocation planning and provide continuous support/performance management for resources that we provide for your projects.

Kinesh Doshi, CEO

Driving Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation is the process of re-imagining a business or an ecosystem of businesses through combining cloud technologies with the eventual end goal of growing the business, making social impact and increasing stakeholder value, engagement and happiness.


Ashutosh Bijoor, CTO

Emerging and New Technologies

You have to intelligently plan for the death of your existing technology. The sooner you have a strategy the more costs you save. The real opportunity is in embracing change that is represented by technology aligned with business outcomes, however difficult that may be.

Ramesh Narsimhan, MD-India

Innovation Engineering

Innovation in Everything - Process, People, Platform! Innovation in an organization cannot follow top down or bottom up approach - it needs to be the culture. We democratize innovation at Accion.